2 miles, Benny’s, a Motorcycle ride, and a Monster…..

and that was all before noon!

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday! The Norberg house is in full swing today. We’ve already put down 2 miles at the park, made breakfast (Strawberry Monster), ran to Benny’s for gardening goodies, and our friend George Brown stopped by and took me for a whirl on his bike! The weather is gorgeous again today….finally summer in New England.

I think today Ryan is going to stick around the house and do yard work while Zachary and I run out to re-stock the casa. Maybe Zac and I will head down to the Mr.Potato Head for some fun in the sun after all of the groceries are unloaded :).

Tonight is date night!!! WOOOO! And I think we are going to try going to Eleven Forty Nine again and possibly catch a late movie. I’m trying to convince Ryan to go see I Love You, Beth Cooper….fingers crossed on food and movie!

I shall leave you for now to go fold laundry and shower up! Training and breakfast goodies are below! Have a great day!


-2 miles walk/run

-100 crunches on the ball

-15 reps w/light weights for under arms (5 pound weights)


Strawberry Monster

-1 cup Light Vanilla Soy Milk

-1 package Frozen Strawberries

-1 scoop Orginal Amazing Grass

– 1 cup Fresh Spinach


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