2 Days In-87 Days Left

Happy Hump Day!

Ah Wednesday, middle of the week and probably more stressful than a Monday for some. This is typically the point in the week where we are looking forward to the weekend so much that we begin to slack.


It’s time to focus focus focus! Let’s talk about focus and how I personally focus. To some this may seem odd, mean, or heck you may find my thought process just what you need. As I was doing the hideous Forrest walk/Hill Climb program on the tready this morning (singing an awesome rendition of Imma Be by the Peas  WITH dance moves mind you) I noticed the gym was dead. It’s usually moderately busy at the time I go too. I’m like a 9am-ish type and this morning I had my pick of everything. My mind started whirling and I realized that it was warm and sunny, that means the gym is less crowded. Ok here’s the “evil” part, it’s that time of year where people start to drop off on their work outs. They kind of scoot the gym to the side, well NOT me! I say go on and scoot I’m gonna be here everyday I can be running, lifting, taking a class-and while all the slackers are enjoying their BBQ’s and what not I’ll be gettin my fitness on.

So you’re probably like OMGosh Tera don’t you WANT everyone to work out and be healthy?! Of course but I also have to look out for me! I joined the gym over the Summer when it was dead and I was spoiled! Every class was open, every piece of cardio, etc etc…I dropped major amounts of weight because I knew when I went it would be free range. So think of it that way ;). Don’t be a slacker! Put your time in friends, pop into the gym for at least 30 minutes, go for a walk/run/bike ride in the neighborhood, walk to work/school/the market, pop in a work out DVD, play the Wii-JUST BE ACTIVE! The only way to be successful on your journey and during this Challenge is to eat clean and be active. SERIOUSLY.

So this weeks home work, you have until Friday night, is to try a NEW form of being active! I don’t care what it is, just be active and get out of the box! I want to actually SEE what you’re doing so comment on this post with your NEW ACTIVITY!!!

PLUS, you can go a step further and really kick some SERIOUS tail in this Challenge and sign up for a FREE Beach Body Membership! I will be your PERSONAL Coach, and you’ll have access to recipes/products/and even have a place to log your work outs!!! I log mine, and you’ll be able to see them!!! Check it out, it’s FREE and you’ll LOVE it!


Beach Body is the HOTTEST work out system right now! From P90X to ChaLEAN Extreme to Turbo Jam we have something for everyone! Even Kirstie Alley  is workin’ P90X and she is LOVING it! I have all the tools you need to be successful, including an amazing meal enhancement, so use them NOW!

Have a great night, and don’t forget to do your home work!

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