100 Day Goal….

Good Morning and Happy FRIDAY!

I know you workin’ GGH’ers are TGIF for sure! If your week was anything like ours you’re probably just thankful that it’s another day….at least that’s my perspective.

I had a really great night last night work wise. The hubby stayed over with his family for a while last night and I came home to put Zachary to bed and get some serious cook book work done. I have really neglected it this week and now I am behind entering the recipes into the publishing database! And with my email bomb from Ms. Mayberry, she donated 50 recipes, I need to get moving. It’s coming along really nicely though and the design is super cute. Plus I love that it’s not a HUGE book and will fit in a cook book stand or on a shelf really nicely. As I typed away I began thinking about how amazingly blessed I have been this week. Despite everything going on I have received a lot to be thankful for, and at the beginning of the week if you would’ve told me that I would’ve just laughed. So I came up with a new PROJECT! Yes, just what I need another project. This was will be fun though…..and of course I need YOUR help! Are you ready to hear it?!!!

Girl Gone Healthy’s 100 Day Goal!

Starting on Monday (simply because I need the weekend to get the paper work in order and do research) Anyway, starting on Monday I pledge to be down 30 pounds (or more) and I will have made contact with Ellen in 100 days! Since I have started this website I have said to my hubby and family that I will be sitting in Ellen’s chairs discussing GGH! Most people shoot for Oprah, but I LOVE Ellen and so does Zachary! We watch together daily! I am going to email her daily, message her on Twitter, and even come up with some sort of media package (hence the paper work) to send her so she will have me on her show! So that’s 100 days from Monday August 24th, 30 pounds lighter and hopefully on my way to Ellen’s couch, or atleast maybe she’ll call me on her cute yellow phone LOL. So here’s where you GGH fans come in! If you have Twitter follow GGH and Ellen and message blitz Ellen to follow GGH! We need her to see the site! So not to much to ask right?! I am going to fully believe that I CAN do this and with your support and accountability I KNOW I can!

So this morning the hubby was in desperate need of coffee so I picked up a small black iced coffee for me, I had an idea! I made a caffeine Monster! I haven’t had coffee in months and months so I’m sure once it kicks in I will be an animal LOL. Goodie List is below.

Chocolate Caffeine Monster:

-8 oz black cold coffee

-8 oz Light Vanilla Soy Milk

-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

-3 Splenda packets

(Add in ice cubes if needed, I didn’t use any)

Combine all of your liquids in blender and blend. Makes a pretty large shake so it should last you a while. (Sorry no pics camera battery is charging!) Really tasty and I’m still getting my morning Grass! I’m craving a Chobani yogurt though :).

As for training, I’m taking the day off, but the hubby is plugging away at Fit World right now!!! I love that Mr.GGH is able to work away is his stress at such a wonderful place. We love going there to work out because it’s not like going there to work out if you know what I mean. If you want to check out how Fit World can be the best part of your day everyday for FREE then follow the link below!!!

Go to http://www.fitworldri.com/freeTrial.html and print your coupon today!!!

Remember YOGA at 9am tomorrow, meet me there!!!!! Use the pass!!!

So for today I am planning on accomplishing the other half of yesterday’s meaningless errands. The roofers aren’t doing to much today….YAY! So I should be able to get some things done! Plus tonight is Dallas Cowboys Pre-Season Football in the NEW stadium!!!

I need snacks and MGD 64!!!! WOOOOOOO

HOLY COW!!!! Now that’s a stadium!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! Please keep sending those recipes and message blitz Ellen on Twitter!!!

See you tonight! P.S. Did you see the Pineapple Cupcake recipe last night?!!! YUM-O right?!

Friendly Reminders:

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