10 Days of Thankful

10 Days of Thankful

I’m just going to be real honest here…. sometimes I struggle with being Thankful.

I guess I struggle with REMEMBERING to be Thankful, that sounds a little better LOL. ANYWAY, this is the Season for being Thankful right? But shouldn’t we try to be Thankful YEAR ROUND? Easier said than done right? If you’re nodding in agreement, don’t feel bad because YES IT IS. And while the quote above is true, again when you’re consumed with overwhelming challenges it can be difficult to get out of your own way and remain positive. 

I have a proposal, let’s take baby steps towards trying to be Thankful on a daily basis. Over the next 10 days leading up to the pinnacle of Thankfulness (Thanksgiving) I want you to post at least ONE thing you’re Thankful for and tag @girlgonehealthy on FB and Twitter. If you have a picture or can take a picture of your Thankful then tag @girlgonehealthy on Instagram too! Let’s take it further and use #10DaysofThankfulWithGGH.


I’m again going to be real here, this is going to be tough for me too, but we have to remember even the smallest things can be something to be Thankful for. Example? Waking Up, Coffee, your Job… see we CAN do this! So who’s with me? Let’s try and shine a positive light and inspire others who are going through the trenches that everything will be OK, you’re not alone, and to keep going. Posting begins today, 11/13/17, and goes through Thanksgiving Day 11/23/17.

Healthy Wishes, Tera

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