Copy Cat Pasta E Fagioli

I LOVE Olive Garden, no like LOVE it. I love it pregnant or not and it is by far one of my biggest "craving" restaurants. I always get soup, salad, and bread sticks.... I mean do they serve anything else? ( The answer is No, no they don't.) Like most places Olive Garden isn't exactly

Tortilla Soup | Recipe

It's getting a little chilly here in New England! The leaves are turning and falling, the scent of fires burning happily in fireplaces or in outdoor fire pits fills the evening's FALL Y'ALL!! And that means crock pots, chili, soups and stews....NOM. I thought I'd kick off the season of comfort food with a

Mommy Juice Wine

It's no secret that Mom's have it pretty tough. We are expected to know where everything is, when every bill is due, which kid needs to go where and what time and for how long, and don't even get me started on keeping tabs on everything our husband's are supposed to be doing. There are


A very big HELLO!!!! Thank you all for allowing me to indulge in a little vacay and enjoy my visit with my Mom! It was such a great visit, and while I may not have been Tweeting and Blogging I was definitely doing GGH re-con work. My Mom is a huge fan of GGH as

Kitchen Sink…

It's Friday Night and I Feel Allright.....did I date myself LOL! Are you all singing now? πŸ˜‰ Anyhow..... Today was a stay at home or go outside and freeze your pah-tu-kiss off kind of day. I really did get tons of house work done though, so I'm happy about that. All the beds were striped,

Day 55-Soup’s On

Evening! Tonight's post is my favorite kind, SPOTLIGHT! I love to showcase what you guys come up with and you guys come up with some pretty yummy goodies. I really wanted to do a spotlight post on SOUP. Being from Texas I was never really a soup kind of gal, I meanΒ I have pictures of

Day 35- Pumpkin Madness

Hello there friends! So it's Sunday night, end of the weekend and hopefully the start to a great week for everyone. My day didn't go as planned completely. The rumor about the poker game was true and they are still here now! Thank goodness my laboratory AKA my kitchen was all cleaned up and any

Day 35-Whistle While You Work

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Good afternoon friends! I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday afternoon to top off an amazing weekend. We are having some rainy weather today, all day for that matter, so it's just football, sweats and realxin' for us all day. Doesn't get much better. I love waking up to the pitter