Zucchini Roll-A-Tini

If you're on Facebook then you've probably seen a video or two by TASTY. You know the cute super quick cooking videos that range from healthy breakfast ideas to desserts that makes you gain 20 pounds just watching them assemble it, yea those. Well a few days ago my news feed was overloaded with tons


I am so happy to write this post!!! That's my happy face ;). We have 20 lovely ladies signed up for Fabulous Fall 2010! Between those 20 ladies 175 pounds have been pledged....TO LOSE!!!! That's awesome!!! And if we make this year's Challenge as successful as last year we can DOUBLE that loss number! Can

Lasagna and Chocolate

Hey Hey! It's Tuesday! Allright I have so much to share with you all tonight! From recipes to new products! I'm super excited so let's dig in! We'll start with food, because who doesn't love food! Today is Day 9 of my Vegan Adventure and I'm still holding strong! Check out these 2 new recipes!! Vegan

Track Star

Monday Monday..... I actually had a FANTASTIC Monday!!! I was planning on making today my off day from Fit World, but my awesome work out buddy-Angela- messaged me last night and tempted me. We worked on our fitness like ridiculous. Paula K. gave us a new interval for the elliptical. I am not a fan