Tacos + Nachos Make Tachos

This is quite possibly the EASIEST dinner I've made in a while - SERIOUSLY. In fact I'm going to show you how to make our new favorite, TACHOS (Taco + Nacho = Tacho), in 10 easy steps and you only need 6 ingredients. What You'll Need: 9x13 pan coated w/cooking spray, foil for covering, large

Baja Chicken Burritos

We LOVE Mexican food, like LOVE. We have Taco Tuesday every week and sometimes we have Taco Thursday so we are like Mexican Food Foodies if you will. But sometimes you need a break from Tacos so what do you make? BURRITOS of course and these are so flavorful, so easy, and so FILLING and

Stuffed…Peppers That Is

Sorry I've been MIA for the past week but this roller coaster ride we call life has thrown some twists, turns, and loops my way. Not all bad bumps.... but a couple. Anyway, I hope to be back at sharing yummy eats and some work out tips with you this week. I'm even going to

Smoothie Thyme

Happy Monday!! I know I know it's Monday but for a lot of us it's one Monday closer to BACK TO SCHOOL or as I like to call it "Tera's Vacation" ;). One thing I think we all forget about when making those endless Back To School list's is FOOD. We remember pens, crayons, rulers,

Full Plate Diet GIVEAWAY!

The Celebration continues as we start up Giveaway #2 today with The Full Plate Diet! The amazing team over at FPD wants to give one lucky GGH reader the prize pack shown above. You'll receive a copy of the Full Plate Diet book, audio book, diary, and work book ($40 value). Here's a little back story

Who Missed Me?

Happy Friday! And a big Hello! I want to apologize for being MIA but I have been really taking some time with Zachary. We are increasing his services/therapies/days at school and he is progressing tremendously! I've also been taking some time for ME! That's not something I do to often and usually when I do

Inside Out

This post shall be short and sweet! Because it's....... Yea baby!!!! Just wanted to share this DELISH salad that's quick, easy, and 25 grams of FIBER! GGH Inside Out Taco Salad: -1 bag MSF beef crumbles -1 1/2 cups chopped onion -2 cups mixed greens -1 avocado sliced (not pictured above sorry) -1 package Taco

Full Plate

Happy Monday! What a weekend! Well mostly what a Sunday LOL! If you Follow me on Twitter then you already know that I'm a Celtics fan and that I couldn't be more excited for our win last night!!!! And while we are on the subject of the Boston Celtics......I would just like to clear a

Wonderful Weekend!

Happy Sunday! Ok let's just get to what everyone is buzzing about.....Congrats to Canada on your GOLD medal win. I will admit I am NOT a hockey fan, however I did watch this game and it was OK. I'm not running out to buy a Boston Bruins jersey or anything and I will say I hoped

Eat More Fiber

Eat more fiber. Plain and simple, and most likely something you've heard a million times. It's funny because when I was younger I remember watching my Grandfather chug Metamucil every morning. He would jokingly offer me the glass and say "want some?" and I would shake my head violently and say nuh huh. I knew

Great Harvest…

Good Afternoon! I was so happy to wake up to some really great new questions for next week's Dear Tera! Keep them coming. This morning Zachary woke up at 5am and was ready to go for the day.....ummmm NO! I walked into his room he took one look at me and promptly laid back down and