Athleisure , Your New Favorite Thing

How often do you throw on Yoga pants and a hoodie to run errands? I'm not talking about running errands after the gym or a work out I'm talking about wearing your athletic gear out in public as your outfit for the day. You KNOW you do it or have done it and guess what?

Magazines, Promo Spots, and Autism

Well hello there! So sorry I have been on hiatus but March has just whizzed right by! From Zac turning 3 to working crazy hours to doing promo shoots for The Rhode Show I just haven't stopped! And I love being this busy!!! I have also been lucky enough to connect with some pretty amazing

New Clothes

As anyone who is on a weight loss journey knows clothes can be your worst enemy. Whether you're down 2 sizes or 12 some where along the way you have to purge your closet and purchase clothes that actually fit. For some this may not seem like a big deal, maybe even fun to go

Day 32-Not As Planned…

Hello! OK so Family Fun Day turned into Family Clean Day and a trip to Old Navy so I could use my coupon LOL. It was fun though and at least the house is clean. Old Navy is having a huge sale on Fall clothes by the way. Just in case you were wondering ;). Everyone