The Cake Therapist

I finished up my second book, The Cake Therapist, sent to me by my PR guru friend this weekend and while it was an easy read I don't know if I honestly would've kept reading if I hadn't promised a review. Don't get me wrong it wasn't horrible it just wasn't they type of book,

Tasty Treats

If you read my last post {Different Directions} then you know I joined Weight Watchers! I have been playing around with a few recipes and these are a few yummies already! I'm working on calculating and writing up a few more but these should hit the spot for now, enjoy. Vegetarian "Chicken" Pizza: 1 package

This Is Why You’re Fat…

I have heard so many things about the website  So many people re-tweet the crazy pictures, even some of the RD's (Registered Dietitians) I Tweet with have been known to post some of their "goodies". I finally gave in to my curiosity today when my girl Mabelle suggested I take a look at the

Day 35- Pumpkin Madness

Hello there friends! So it's Sunday night, end of the weekend and hopefully the start to a great week for everyone. My day didn't go as planned completely. The rumor about the poker game was true and they are still here now! Thank goodness my laboratory AKA my kitchen was all cleaned up and any