Scoop. Stir. Smile.

If you follow me on Social Media then you know 6 weeks ago I gave birth to a Beautiful Baby Girl! Harper Norberg 3/15/16 12:38 pm 5lbs 12 oz This makes kiddo number 2 for me which translates into this makes my life CRAZY on a whole new level. If you have children then you

Happy 3rd Blogaversary

Today is such an exciting day!!! Today is Girl Gone Healthy's 3rd BIRTHDAY!! And to celebrate my hubby presented me with quite a treat.. That my friends is an Oreo donut....very UN GGH but hey it's my "birthday" ;). After indulging in some of this little goodie and came out of my sugar coma it

Fruity Friday

Just wanted to pop in quickly and share with you the 2 smoothies that have been keeping me going this week! I love to eat breakfast but can't do it first thing in the morning or before I work out/run so I usually end up whipping up a smoothie. I also find that cutting the

Prep Week Day 1

Yesterday was my Day 1 of the prep week for Hannah Marcotti's Spring Cleanse. I started off the day by reading the guide for the cleanse as well as browsing the beautiful and tasty recipes she suggested. One recipe that looked particularly easy and delicious to me was her Witches Brew Green Smoothie! If you're an


Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, and reviving. I don't just mean in regards to nature either, we should think of Spring as a time to do all of these things for ourselves both mentally and physically. These next few months before Summer comes should be all about prepping for when the kids are

AMAZING Giveaway

I was so excited to receive this in the mail last week! That is a whole lotta awesome right there! These are the fab new products that Amazing Grass has to offer!!! You can score these little gems by clicking on any of the Amazing Grass ads to the right, and you can use coupon

It’s Not A Diet

As I continue to meet people and share my weight loss story I hear the same question every single time...."what diet did you use?" That's just it I didn't use any diet, and that's because diets don't work....LIFE STYLE CHANGE is what works. I've done Weight Watchers, South beach, Atkins, Cabbage Soup, Apple Cider

Day 1~ 4 Weeks of Fabulous

Good Morning! It's December 1 st and that means 31 days of NEW! It's also the first day of our 4 Weeks of Fabulous Holiday Challenge. This Challenge won't just about sheding a few pounds, it will be a journey of self discovery and finding that if you step out of your comfort zone and


A big fat HELLO!!! So sorry I have been MIA for so long but I was really feeling a little GGH writer's block. I've been doing GGH for a year and half now and for the first time last week I sat in front of my laptop with absolutely nothing to say. I didn't even

Let’s Chat

Evening friends! So we have been rockin Fabulous Fall for over a week now and you guys are doing so awesome! I just want to take a quick minute to go over a couple of things that I have received emails on. 1) Logging your progress is for you. You should have a nice journal

Who’s HUNGRY?!

Today was soooooooo Fall! I love it! Speaking of Fall, today was Day 4 of Fabulous Fall and we have even more Pledges!!! We are now up to a a crazy number of pounds Pledged to be shed.....I can't even wrap my head around it....750 pounds!!!! Yes, 750 pounds! That's like losing....2 Shaquille O'Neal's and

Day 2-Back To Normal

Hey! I hafta say I was so happy to get back to normal today! Zac's school was closed all of last week and yesterday and after my let down from the audition I really needed normalcy.....and it finally came today! It was so great seeing him get excited to be at school! I love watching

Hope You’re Hungry!

Hello! I know I haven't blogged in days, and my excuses aren't even that great and they are totally selfish. So we'll just skip all of that and we can be glad that we are all here together now ;). Are you ready for some yummy food?!!!! I hope so! Grab your foodie notebook, snazzy

Wonderful Weekend!

Good Afternoon! I wanted to post last night, but I ended up hitting the gym for a nice little sweat fest. BUT I'm here now and I have LOT'S to share with you guys! So let's go! If you Follow me on Twitter then you know that on Saturday night I surprised my hubby with

Love Affair

Good WEEKEND to you friends!!! I'd like to start out with a confession. As many of you know I have never been shy about stating my vile hatred for the elliptical machine. I find it boring and it makes my hips hurt...yea you like that excuse? Even GGH makes excuses sometimes LOL. ANYWAY, for the past week and

Positive Thinking

Good Humpy Evening friends! So first let me just get my selfish good news out of the way......and if you Follow me on Twitter I apologize because you already know.... ANYWAY, I am pleased to announce that I have a NEW Follower on Twitter! I Tweeted last night that when I woke up this morning

Tacos and Meatballs

Happy Monday! I'm hoping that you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Our weekend was busy, but really nice. I hit the beach with Zac, we attended the St Mary's Feast and enjoyed drinks and laughs with friends. I was also busy in the kitchen!!! Yay for 2 new recipes that are sure to bring


A very big HELLO!!!! Thank you all for allowing me to indulge in a little vacay and enjoy my visit with my Mom! It was such a great visit, and while I may not have been Tweeting and Blogging I was definitely doing GGH re-con work. My Mom is a huge fan of GGH as

Wonderful Weekend!

Happy Sunday! Ok let's just get to what everyone is buzzing about.....Congrats to Canada on your GOLD medal win. I will admit I am NOT a hockey fan, however I did watch this game and it was OK. I'm not running out to buy a Boston Bruins jersey or anything and I will say I hoped

Grass,Greens,and Fit & Firm

Good Afternoon! I wanted to do a quick post because I received some AMAZING goodies in the mail today! But, I will get to that in a minute! First let me start with breakfast, which by the way I was so happy to make, Pom Mango Amazing Meal Shake! Goodies: -1 1/2 c Light Vanilla Soy Milk