Jiggle Free January

It's baaaaaaack!!! That's right your chance to have a Jiggle Free New Year AND you can do it at HOME any time of day..... WOW! So who's ready to get Jiggle Free?!!!   As always I know there will be questions but this is a pretty straight forward and easy, but effective, Challenge. I will

Core Crusher

Since posting my Awesome Arms work out I have received requests for more quick and easy, but effective, at home work outs and I am of course happy to oblige! Check out my Core Crusher below. Girl Gone Healthy's Core Crusher 40 to 60 second side plank (right side then left side) 1 set of

Fitness Hub

Over the years I have found that some of my most "popular" and "requested" posts are Fitness Challenges and rightfully so.....Fitness Challenges are AWESOME!! There is something about having a set plan, others participating and encouraging that makes failing seem almost impossible....almost like a SUPER HERO!!!   So I thought why not have one location

Flab Free February

It's Here!!! Flab Free February!!!! I know I know the next question is "What is a....." so here you go..... The Squat: Squat down until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor. If you don’t go down that far, you’re cheating yourself and doing a fake squat.  Go way down, and you’ll feel

October Oblique Challenge

Happy 1st Day of October!!! Ah Fall, Autumn.... whatever you want to call it. Cooler weather, blue jeans, cozy sweaters.... you probably think this is the time to hide those last few pounds you may have put ON at the end of Summer or that you might not have been able to take OFF, well

Mash Up

We have a lot to talk about tonight! And I know Biggest Loser is on and you'd rather watch that so I'll be quick! I have been going through my emails from the weekend and there are 2 topics that seem to be quite popular, Food "Replacements"-I'll explain, and working out with an injury/exhaustion. I'll

Oh Kick N Abs

Good Monday Afternoon! I hope everyone is having a very Happy Monday. If you're in Rhode Island you are enjoying a holiday, VJ Day. I think it's so funny that Rhode Island is the only state to celebrate Victory Over Japan if this small ridiculous state single handedly won Victory over Japan. So silly.

I’m Gonna HULK Out!

That's me kicking the crud out of my server for going down all night long! Ok I feel better! So today I was so happy to have some quiet time to go through and begin sorting recipes for the cook book. I have received so many great ideas that I want to be in the

Hotel Sheets…

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had wonderful weekend! We had the best night last night! We had our newlywed friends, George and Ashley, over for Bison Tacos! They are fans of Mexican food so we did it up GGH style. Goodie list is below, I followed the same exact recipe that you have previously

Kick N Ab’s Kicked My BUTT!

HELLO!!!!!! Wooooo am I pumped from this morning's class with Lea, WOW! I took Kick N Ab's and it kicked a lot more than my ab's! I actually lost 2 POUNDSfrom taking this class, I looked like I had jumped in a pool when I left there.....AWESOME! It was the perfect class though: cardio, kickboxing,