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Good Day Sunshine!

What a PERFECT day! The sun is shining, there is a breeze, it’s not to hot not to cold……PERFECT! Zachary and I saw that the sun was up this morning so wee took off for […]

Taco Night!

Good Evening Friends! First let me say WOW on already being over 1,000 hits! And we’ve only had the counter up a week, and we’ve been up and running for more than that!!! Thank you […]

Thank You!

Good Morning! Thank you all so much for the overwhelming flow of recipes! I spent a good two hours sorting and putting them onto recipe cards w/notes last night. I can’t wait to modify some of […]


OK, so I have received and found some really YUM-O recipes that I want to share with all of you! Some of these will definetly need to be modified to suit whatever “diet” or lifestyle you […]

Moving Right Along…..

Good Afternoon GGH’ers! Today ended up being quite the busy day! Lot’s of GGH business going on, lot’s of recipe research…..something about Gluten Free Brownie Mix…..I dunno…..maybe :)! We are moving right along though!! Trying […]

Hump Day….

Good Morning Friends! I hope all of you are having a wonderful Wednesday thus far! It’s raining again today, so no morning park miles :(. But, I will hit the bike for a bit when my hyper […]

Celebratory Dinner!

Good Evening Friends! What another AMAZING day! I am officially a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher and an Amazing Grass Affiliate! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! 🙂 The hubby and I threw a quick date night together, with the […]

Amazing Grass COUPON!!!

Good “Rainy” Afternoon! Today turned out to be a wash out, LITERALLY! It has been raining all day and it’s only 70 degrees! Where did our sunshine go?! The hubby and I have decided to […]

Buy your GRASS Today!

Good Morning GGH World! I am so pleased to be able to provide you guys with a direct link to Amazing Grass!!! You can now purchase all of your GRASS right here via GGH! Just […]


Hello Friends! Today has been quite possibly the BEST DAY!!! I have really been working hard on this site being everything I imagine and want it to be. The support that GGH is gaining is […]

Morning miles, 2 English papers, and it’s HOT!

Good Afternoon Friends! Sorry I have been MIA, but the hubby actually got up and came to the park with us for miles this morning! He usually takes that time to have the whole bed […]

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Good Evening Friends! What a day, whew….EXHAUSTED! Ryan was back to work today which meant it was a Mom and Zac day!!! We ran all over the place from Target to Whole Foods while on […]

Gorgeous Morning

Good Morning Friends! So after all of yesterday’s amazing activities, and good eats, we were one tired family. I had to go wake Zachary up this morning at 8:45am! He was zonked! Ryan and I […]

Friends, Party, Baseball, and SUNSHINE

Hi Friends! I trust all of you are having an enjoyable 4th of July!! I’m hoping that you’ve enjoyed the food you’ve nibbled in moderation :). So the hubby ended up with the WHOLE day […]

Red, White, and Banana Pancakes

Happy Independence Day Friends! I would first like to take a moment to THANK all of the men and women who are away from their families fighting to keep our INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM! May you […]

Groceries, Park, A husband, And 2 new teeth!

Good Evening Friends! Well what a day we had here in New England! So as I said earlier The Weather Channel predicted impending doom for all of this afternoon…..and it lasted for about 45minutes! Zachary […]

Busy Little Bee’s

Good Morning! It seems that I am not the only one CRAVING some serious summer activity here in New England. The sun is out, for now, and our neighborhood is alive!!! People are mowing, gardening, running, […]

Spicy Chicken Wraps

Evening! The sun finally came out around 5:30pm today!!! It was so funny people were squinting and glaring at it in anger. I guess we have become used to the gloom, so sad. Anyhow, Zachary […]

I wish I was British, LOL

Afternoon Loves! LOL, I’m listening to Zachary giggle awaye watching Charlie & Lola. Cutest kid’s show ever on Disney Channel, and they are British. So I know earlier I said I was going to bike […]

Oh What A Night…..

Good Morning! Sorry about leaving you hanging last night friends! We didn’t get home until after 11:30 and I was super tired. I love date night, but Zachary definitely doesn’t let mommy sleep in the […]

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