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That Hit The Spot!

****SIGH**** That friends is contentment and satisfaction from that SPECTACULAR spaghetti dinner. YUM-O! It was worth the FOUR MILES I put in with Zachary tonight before I began cooking, for sure. I now feel the […]


Hello Friends!! Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel HUGE, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS?! Today is that day for me…..these types of days are just such a Debbie Downer ya know?! I […]

It’s Down Right HOT!

Hello from hot and steamy New England! What a warm day it turned out to be, 88…..whoa! It really was nice though to finally have it feel like summer. After Zachary’s nap Ryan and I […]

Fit World….

Happy Saturday To Ya! I hope that everyone is having a spectacular weekend thus far. I would just like to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone who reached out to GGH after […]


Good Morning, I’m not in the happiest of places or moods upon writing this post this morning. As some of you may know my Father In Law was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer this past […]

Is this week over…..

Good Afternoon Friends! Did you ever have one of those weeks that never ended? That’s where I’m at… week just has to run smoother. This post is going to be short for now….the lovely techies […]

Take A Break…..

Hello! I’m hoping that all of you are having a Wonderful Wednesday! This weather we are having in New England is SPECTACULAR! Yet another busy morning for the Norberg’s. Ryan is already cutting grass, the […]

Oh Geek Squad…..

Well Hello World! I apologize 1,000 times for totally being MIA all day! I dropped my lap top off at Geek Squad to have it cleaned up and it took about 4 hours longer than it […]

2 miles, Benny’s, a Motorcycle ride, and a Monster…..

and that was all before noon! Good Afternoon! I hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday! The Norberg house is in full swing today. We’ve already put down 2 miles at the park, made breakfast […]


Hello GGH World! Today was such a great day! The sun was shining all day, my mom-in-law bought me some rockin’ pants to work out in from Cape Cod, Zachary and I hit up the […]

Boca Burger…..

Hello Friends! I trust that everyone had a great weekend! Mine went by really fast and I think that’s due to the lack of sleep. I could NOT sleep all weekend long… reason, just couldn’t […]


Evening Friends! I’m not going to post anything new because I really feel like there is someone out there who needs the message from this morning’s post. Sometimes you don’t realize that what you’re looking […]


Good Morning! So as I have stated many, many, many, times the eating lifestyle we follow now is still fairly new. I have always enjoyed SWEETS, love them. Any kind really, as long as it’s […]

A little bit of Culture…

Today being a GORGEOUS day and all I wanted to take Zachary some where “special”. Well it’s special to me at least. I took him to my FAVORITE place in all of Rhode Island, Thayer […]

Good Day Sunshine!

What a PERFECT day! The sun is shining, there is a breeze, it’s not to hot not to cold……PERFECT! Zachary and I saw that the sun was up this morning so wee took off for […]

Taco Night!

Good Evening Friends! First let me say WOW on already being over 1,000 hits! And we’ve only had the counter up a week, and we’ve been up and running for more than that!!! Thank you […]

Thank You!

Good Morning! Thank you all so much for the overwhelming flow of recipes! I spent a good two hours sorting and putting them onto recipe cards w/notes last night. I can’t wait to modify some of […]


OK, so I have received and found some really YUM-O recipes that I want to share with all of you! Some of these will definetly need to be modified to suit whatever “diet” or lifestyle you […]

Moving Right Along…..

Good Afternoon GGH’ers! Today ended up being quite the busy day! Lot’s of GGH business going on, lot’s of recipe research…..something about Gluten Free Brownie Mix…..I dunno…..maybe :)! We are moving right along though!! Trying […]

Hump Day….

Good Morning Friends! I hope all of you are having a wonderful Wednesday thus far! It’s raining again today, so no morning park miles :(. But, I will hit the bike for a bit when my hyper […]

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