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Rough Few Days…

Good Afternoon, I apologize for being MIA for the past few days but I haven’t been feeling well and we have had some family issues going on. I appreciate all of the thoughts,prayers, and well […]

Under The Weather…

Good Afternoon…. I just wanted to pop on quickly and say hello, and that I’m really not feeling well today :(. I started feeling yucky yesterday evening and felt a little better last night, but […]

Don’t Ever Run Out Of Pita…

Good Afternoon! I’m STARVING! We soooo need to go to Whole Food’s like NOW! Anyway, this morning began with Kick N Abs class with Lea. As always INCREDIBLE! If I could go to a class […]

I LOVE Being My Own Tech Support

Good Evening Friends! So as some of you know I had to ask recipes for the GGH/Cancer research cook book to be re-sent because they were wiped out. While everyone re-sent their recipes, and I […]

Hot Tubs Don’t Help Leg Pain!

Good Afternoon! Things didn’t get rolling around here until late this morning. The boys and I slept until 9 AM! I woke up first and then had to wake up the hubby and then into […]

Newport, RI…

Good Evening! What a busy, long, hot, fun, fantastic day we had in Newport, RI! It took soooo long to get there because of beach traffic and parking was a nightmare but 2 hours later […]

I Love A Rainy Night…

Good Saturday to ya! Here’s a little fun fact of the day: August 1, 1775-The first article proposing women’s rights in America was written by Thomas Paine for the Pennsylvania Magazine, of which he was […]

Rainy Day…

Good Evening Friends! I hope everyone had an AMAZING Friday and that you’re embarking on a wonderful weekend. It was quite the rainy day today, and still is, here in New England. It’s so tough […]

Total Body Definition….

Good Afternoon!!! I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC Friday! For my working GGH’ers I know you’re probably souped for the 5 o’clock whistle!!! This morning I took a peak at the class schedule at […]

Patriots Training Camp & Dear Tera

Good Evening! We had a blast today! I had the great idea of visiting Patriot Place, one of our fave spots, and as luck would have it today was Patriot’s Training Camp! I’m so NOT […]

Food Network, A.K.A Food Porn

Good Afternoon! I really have to stop watching Food Network! Especially when I’m hungry and trying to get lunch/dinner ideas. I LOVE Paula Deen I want to be friends with her LOL. Ryan says that’s […]

Random Day….

Good Evening! Today was a pretty random day. We did end up going down to the Super Wal Mart and it was PACKED! Like so packed I was getting claustrophobic in places. I love how […]

Pilates, groceries, and dinner ideas

Good Morning! Happy Hump Day to all of you working class GGH’ers! I’m hoping that the week is flying by for you and you have fun plans for the weekend. If you’re working here in […]

Pesto Chicken w/Parmesan Broccoli

Hello! First let me say THANK YOU for the recipes, and keep them coming….it’s going to be AWESOME! Now on with the show…. So I know I told you all about how Zachary wasn’t a […]


Good Morning! What a morning oh my what a morning. Zachary was up and ready to go go go at 7am. I however was not ready to go go go. I had the worst night’s […]

Bison Tacos

Good Evening! I hope everyone had a magnificent Monday! We had an adventurous day today…..I found a place that was supposed to be open year round and they sell all kinds of organic veggies and […]

Kick N Ab’s Kicked My BUTT!

HELLO!!!!!! Wooooo am I pumped from this morning’s class with Lea, WOW! I took Kick N Ab’s and it kicked a lot more than my ab’s! I actually lost 2 POUNDSfrom taking this class, I […]

Providence Children’s Museum

Hello! Sorry for being MIA all day today but I made today Zachary day all day! We got another good night’s sleep, this time he woke me up at 8am…..I will take 8am over 6:30am […]

GGH is GGG Tonight!

Yahsu! That’s how you would say Hello in Greece! GGH went GGG tonight, meaning Girl Gone Greek! I was craving Tabouli very badly tonight so I made Greek Turkey Burgers for dinner!!! A new fave […]

Brunch and a COOK BOOK

Good Saturday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful sunny weekend so far. Last night was quite possibly the BEST night’s sleep my little family has had in a VERY LONG TIME! Zachary was pooped […]

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