Just Dance DISNEY PARTY for Wii


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I was so EXCITED to for this review…..like so EXCITED!! If you know me then you know I LOVE Disney, and if you know my Son then you know he LOVES Phineas and Ferb…..so I leapt at the chance to review this game.

From being a Cowgirl and doing the Hoedown Throw Down from Hannah Montana….


To watching Zac have Squirrels in his Pants with Candace, Phineas, and Ferb


This game has something for everyone! Plus I love that I don’t have to worry about Zac seeing/hearing violence of any sort, it’s so easy to navigate he can actually play by himself, and you can get your cardio in all while embracing your inner Disney kid!! This would be great to throw in on a Family Game Night too as you can play teams or compete….in a friendly way of course ;-).

Be sure to pick up your copy of Just Dance Disney Party for Wii at Toys R Us or Amazon.com!


Healthy Wishes, T

  1. This seriously looks like fun!

  2. This looks like so much fun!! I need to get some dancing games like this for my kids!!

  3. I NEED a Wii! I love fun ways to be fit, and this looks soooo fun!

  4. LOVE my JD4!!! I reviewed that not to long ago too!!

  5. They do have it for Kinect!!!

  6. Do they have this for Xbox? I think it looks so fun!

  7. I love that they created a Just Dance video for younger kids! My “littles” (the younger two of my four) will love this, personally I can’t wait to get Just Dance 4 so I can practice my Gangnam Style!!

  8. My kids play these all the time, it sounds like they’re going to jump through the floor but they laugh the whole time.

  9. I have a fellow Phinneas and Ferb fan in my house who would love this!!! I’ll have to see if they has a PS3 version … we haven’t made the jump to Wii yet. Great post 😉

  10. We LOVE wii dance and have been wanting to try the Disney version….and we adore Disney too and aching to go!

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