GGH Blizzard Boot Camp

If you are in the North East then you are going to be experiencing The Blizzard of ’13 AKA Nemo!!


It’s not suggested to drive due to the poor visibility and awful road conditions they are prediciting so why not work out at home?!! I’ve created this quick and easy Boot Camp that can be repeated through out your day to keep that blood flowing and the boredom…. which leads to snacking…. at bay!

GGH Blizzard BootCamp

Stay safe, stay warm, and WORK OUT!!!

Healthy Wishes, T

  1. Thank you for this! I needed some motivation and ideas 🙂

  2. I know!! I’ve been on the couch all day with the blizzard outside. I need to get up and move! I should do Wii Fit tonight!

  3. I’ll either be doing this or drinking wine later!

  4. I guess pushing a computer mouse and lifting a cup of coffee don’t count?
    OK fine, I’ll be shoveling later! 🙂
    Thanks for the incentive to MOVE on a snowy day!!!

  5. Great list, Tera! I must say that I went out early to run so I could officially say I’ve run 26.2 miles (Marine Corps Marathon) impending HURRICANE and now 2.62 impending BLIZZARD! (Note the decimal points!) Be safe and hugs to your beautiful little guy! xo!

  6. Um, I did the workout my Physical therapist assigned and i got it done by 5:45 this am but will make my hubby do you GGH workout…..after he shovels

  7. Love this Tera! I’ll be doing this later. My muscles will be all warmed up to shovel!

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