As I scrolled through my Tweets this afternoon I noticed quite a trend among my fellow foodie/health/weight loss/fitness bloggers. They were all a buzz about being Exposed. Today is the one year anniversary of Mishe from Eating Journey creating a healthy beautiful movement titled Exposed. Her selfless post and amazingly brave photo sparked 60 plus other bloggers to Expose themselves.

After debating all evening as to if I really wanted to put myself out there half naked and a long arguement with the hubby I decided to do it and we comprised on my attire. I was ready to go gun ho bra and undies but he said unless someone was paying me 1 billion dollars that I’d have to cover it up, regardless I’m glad I did this. So here we go….



As the hubby snapped the pics I felt so HUGE and so uncomfortable. I kept thinking that it was a bad idea but as I loaded the pictures on to my laptop this feeling washed over me. I have lost 110 FREAKING pounds! The girl above can do way more than the girl that started this journey on 12/23/2008, and you know what she can do even more than the girl who was 100 lbs down on 12/23/2009! That body pictured above is:

-A size 10/12

-Wears a medium shirt

-Can shop for clothes with the word petite on the tag

-Can teach an hour of high intensity cardio classes

-Can play tag with my 2 1/2 year old son…..and not have to take a break when I’m it

-Can stand in front of my husband with out being embarrassed for the first time in our entire relationship

-Can do 60 reps with 10 pound weights with out stopping and perfect form

-Can proudly sing a long to Baby Got Back and know Sir Mix A Lot was talking about me ๐Ÿ˜‰

-Can breathe

-Get out of bed

-Can run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes

-Can post these pictures and know that I’m a real woman that has a husband who thinks I’m beautiful

I’m so glad that I did this, that 265 pound girl is long gone and for the first time I can actually see the new me. I invite all of you to do this, whether you post it or just take the pictures for yourself it’s incredible!

Healthy Wishes, T

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  2. I LOVED that you pushed through and wrote some amazing things about yourself. That is at the core of the whole movement and I am so proud of you!!!!

  3. Wow, what an awesome effort! Be very proud of yourself! Thanks for have the courage to put it (though not all of it!!) out there.

  4. Good for you! Following you on Twitter. I’m 100# loser also, but not brave enough to post underwear photos on my blog. I do have bathing suit photos on there ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ok, please tell me that you did something strange with your photos and I’m not having some weird ass flashblack from some drugs that I never even did? Either way? You rock. Congratulations on rockin it. ((Fist Bump))

  6. You look amazing… very very tempted to expose…but not too sure! you have accomplished soo much way to go!

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