Takin’ Off The Turkey

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. #UbiChamps Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with food, family, friends, and new memories. My Turkey Day was fabulous but

Pumpkins, Apples, and Country Crock

  The Pumpkin Mania continues!!! If you didn't see yesterday's Pumpkin Bars you might want to take a peek! Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and for me that means experimenting and planning. I absolutely LOVE anything pumpkin and I'm pretty sure I could eat it year round, but my hubby and other family

Mommy Juice Wine

It's no secret that Mom's have it pretty tough. We are expected to know where everything is, when every bill is due, which kid needs to go where and what time and for how long, and don't even get me started on keeping tabs on everything our husband's are supposed to be doing. There are

ZICO: Are You Naturally Powered?

The lovely people at ZICO caught wind that I had never tried coconut water before so they packed up a little goodie box so that I could feel "naturally powered". Cute right? Little tetra pak bottles ( 3 natural flavored and 1 large chocolate flavored) an adorable back pack and my all time favorite thing to

FREE Case of CHO!

In the continuing celebration of my 3 year Blogaversary today marks the start of my 3rd giveaway for the month!! This weeks up for grabs prize is an assorted case of CHOBANI!! In case you are new to the wonderful world of Greek yogurt here's a little back story on Chobani..... How we got started

My “Do Over” Moment

Do you ever wish had a "Do Over" button? At the end of the day, or maybe even in the middle of the day if things are going really bad, you could just reach over and smack a big red button that said "DO OVER". It would be so easy right? As I was contemplating


I don't know if some of you are aware but I LOVE anything that sparkles!! I would bedazzle my house if I could....I do have some time later tonight..... Ok sorry. Anyway I love all things shine worthy and I especially love to still maintain my girlie look when I work out, and thanks to

Shake Up Your Summer

I don't know about you but I love a good ice cream shake. Thick, creamy, ice cold chocolate.....but obviously that's not exactly healthy nor is it on my training plan, but thanks to my friend Staci Berenyi of Super Girlz Fitness I can have my "ice cream" shake and get healthy too!! Meet Shakeology!  

Perfectly Simple: Zone Perfect

Zone Perfect is not a "new" name in the health and fitness game. Zone has been around for several years and they are company that prides itself on staying true to their nutrition based products. Their newest line of bars are exactly that, nutritional-wholesome-and YUMMY. Meet Zone Perfect: Perfectly Simple The name says it all,

Larabar Uber Review

It's no secret that I LOVE Larabar! We go way back and I've even done a couple of giveaways with them, they are a FAB company with wholesome good for you products....LOVE. So as you can guess when I came home to a small brown box on my door step with the return address proudly

Smelly Shoes

I've often referred to my past self as being an "active fat girl". I was always on the go, movin and shakin.....and I even owned running shoes. Yep running shoes, like full on Nike cross training marathon running -running shoes. They got really good use too....for instance I could lace up  my running shoes and

Review- ZOOM Water

What if I told you that you could drink water AND get your caffeine fix? Yup you read that right, get hydrated with water and get a caffeine fix! Meet ZOOM water!! A new beverage, Zoom Water™ is pure natural spring water with caffeine added for energy. Zoom has as much caffeine as an 8oz