Silk Almond

I'm not sure if you've been introduced to the amazingness that is Silk Almond Milk, and if you haven't be prepared to have your socks knocked off! Yea 30 calories of pure NON DAIRY JOY!! This wonder juice is the perfect substitute for milk in recipes, baking, smoothies, cereal etc.... and I have a little

Tradition = PANCAKES

It has become a 4th of July GGH Tradition to whip up SUGARLESS Red, White, and Banana Pancakes! These are sooooo yummy and they are the perfect way to kick off America's Birthday. Here’s your Sugarless Pancake goodie list: (This recipe makes a ton of cakes so cut in half to serve 1 or 2 people,

Super Muffins

In honor of National Running Day I wanted to post a quick, easy, low cal recipe that certainly helped me curb my sweet tooth while training for Saturday's race. These are an old fave and I'll warn you now, it has 2 slightly controversial ingredients but said ingredients allow this recipe to be so low

Fruity Friday

Just wanted to pop in quickly and share with you the 2 smoothies that have been keeping me going this week! I love to eat breakfast but can't do it first thing in the morning or before I work out/run so I usually end up whipping up a smoothie. I also find that cutting the


Summer is here is New England and I couldn't be more excited! This weather has me feeling so alive and ready to get back on track. From morning runs, to afternoon walks with the family, fires in the fire pit and yummy cool drinks GGH is back and in full swing. I think Summer is

National Pancake Day!

It's National Pancake Day!!!! Hooorayyyyy!!! While I'm not sure I could eat quite that many I do LOVE a good pancake. So in honor of this nice little National eating day I whipped up my sugarless blueberry cinnamon pancakes! Sugarless Blueberry Pancakes: (This recipe makes quite a few cakes so cut in half to serve

Master Chef

Can you cook? Are you amazing under pressure? Think you can stand the heat of Chef Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen? Then this post is for you! I'm so excited to announce that Girl Gone Healthy will be teaming up with Master Chef on Fox for it's 3rd Season!!! But here is where it gets AWESOME!!!! Forget

Fall Into Fabulous

It's that time of year again.....FALL CHALLENGE TIME! So many people have the mind set that Summer is over so we can eat a little more and work out a little less and that's so not the case. Ya can't wear skinny jeans tucked into a fab pair of knee high boots. or a gorgeous


For the first time in my life someone told me I was sexy, and it wasn't my husband. It was a guy who is very much a tell it like it is not gonna Bull Sh*t you kind of guy, and I have to admit I was speechless and a little embarrassed. You see I've

Prep Week Day 1

Yesterday was my Day 1 of the prep week for Hannah Marcotti's Spring Cleanse. I started off the day by reading the guide for the cleanse as well as browsing the beautiful and tasty recipes she suggested. One recipe that looked particularly easy and delicious to me was her Witches Brew Green Smoothie! If you're an

AMAZING Giveaway

I was so excited to receive this in the mail last week! That is a whole lotta awesome right there! These are the fab new products that Amazing Grass has to offer!!! You can score these little gems by clicking on any of the Amazing Grass ads to the right, and you can use coupon

Day 1~ 4 Weeks of Fabulous

Good Morning! It's December 1 st and that means 31 days of NEW! It's also the first day of our 4 Weeks of Fabulous Holiday Challenge. This Challenge won't just about sheding a few pounds, it will be a journey of self discovery and finding that if you step out of your comfort zone and

Grass,Greens,and Fit & Firm

Good Afternoon! I wanted to do a quick post because I received some AMAZING goodies in the mail today! But, I will get to that in a minute! First let me start with breakfast, which by the way I was so happy to make, Pom Mango Amazing Meal Shake! Goodies: -1 1/2 c Light Vanilla Soy Milk

Pound For Pound…..

Happy Friday! Today is Day 22 of our Pledge 20, and a weigh in day for me! I'm proud to announce I'm down 2.6 pounds this week! YAY! It's not huge but it's a loss and that makes me closer to my Goal! I'm so proud of all of you and your wonderful weigh in's

I’m GLOWing

Good Afternoon! Thursday has been awesome! I was up early this morning, and I slept really well. I had an appointment to have my color done, so that always makes me happy, and time to grab Starbucks! This morning's breakfast was on the run, but sooooo tasty! I had a Grande Non fat Chai Latte

Start My Diet….

Hello! What a week and I haven't even managed to accomplish anything on my To Do List, but I have accomplished tons of other things. So I guess it's a draw. Anywho.....I woke up this morning to the awful site of TONS of snow! About 3 inches and boy was it heavy. The hubby being

Fountain of Youth….

What if I told you I discovered the Fountain of Youth? By using this “product” everyday all day you could potentially add up to 8 years on to your life. 8 YEARS! Plus this youthful medicine has been scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system, lower blood pressure, diminish pain, and even protect you from

So Fun…

Happy Monday! Today was a super crazy busy day! But super fun! This morning I had to wake Zachary up....YAY! We slept in until 8:30am so nice. Then it was up and movin'. I started the morning off with an Amazing Grass shake loaded with spinach. I knew I was going to need the energy

Toys For Tots

Join me at Fit World of Cranston on December 7th, 2009 For our 1st Annual Holiday Extravaganza Toys for Tots Toy Drive An unwrapped toy will give your guest access to the facility for that day only and we will have a no enrollment fee beginning on December 7th through December 31st. MEMBERS: If your guest signs

The Situation…

Allright I know I'm a few days late, but I'd like to take a moment to discuss televisions newest guilty pleasure, MTV's Jersey Shore. This show is The Real World with a lot of hair gel. These people are so crazy and full of themselves how can you turn away? Rhode Island's own DJ Pauly