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48 Hours

It’s good ol Wednesday again….middle of the week….hump day….etc….and for most it means 1 step closer to the weekend but for me it’s 1 step closer to those 48 hours that could wreck my whole […]

Personal Training

As many of you know I’m a Group Fitness Instructor, and I teach Cardio Dance, Kick Boxing, Boot Camp, Spin….etc etc etc But what happens when you’re body doesn’t get a work out from your […]

Fake, Phony, Liar, Failure

It is very hard for me to write this post but I can’t put it off any longer as it’s already been months. I have absolutely failed all of you as far as being Girl […]

Schedule Your Work Out

Have you ever heard of the saying “set yourself up for success”? It is so true and we can apply it in so many areas of our lives. I have a feeling that upon reading […]

Excuses are Weakness

How many of you don’t like being told that you CAN’T do something? Every time you make an excuse to not take a step in a healthy direction you’re basically telling yourself that you CAN’T […]

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