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Pesto Chicken w/Parmesan Broccoli

Hello! First let me say THANK YOU for the recipes, and keep them coming….it’s going to be AWESOME! Now on with the show…. So I know I told you all about how Zachary wasn’t a […]

Bison Tacos

Good Evening! I hope everyone had a magnificent Monday! We had an adventurous day today…..I found a place that was supposed to be open year round and they sell all kinds of organic veggies and […]

Providence Children’s Museum

Hello! Sorry for being MIA all day today but I made today Zachary day all day! We got another good night’s sleep, this time he woke me up at 8am…..I will take 8am over 6:30am […]

GGH is GGG Tonight!

Yahsu! That’s how you would say Hello in Greece! GGH went GGG tonight, meaning Girl Gone Greek! I was craving Tabouli very badly tonight so I made Greek Turkey Burgers for dinner!!! A new fave […]

Rain Boots…

Good Evening! Today turned out to be a nice day after all! Zachary and I were able to stop by the park for some much needed outdoor fun, we swung by the mall to get […]

Dear “Abby”,

Tonight’s post will pay homage to one of the greatest advice columnists to ever grace journalism, Abby Landers. I receive so many emails and comments with Questions and I just don’t have time to sit and […]

I’m a JOURNALIST, of sorts…

Hello! Oh friends today was finally the type of day I was looking for. I really believe that my amazing Pilates class kicking off my day, allowing me to release everything, helped make today perfect. […]

That Hit The Spot!

****SIGH**** That friends is contentment and satisfaction from that SPECTACULAR spaghetti dinner. YUM-O! It was worth the FOUR MILES I put in with Zachary tonight before I began cooking, for sure. I now feel the […]

It’s Down Right HOT!

Hello from hot and steamy New England! What a warm day it turned out to be, 88…..whoa! It really was nice though to finally have it feel like summer. After Zachary’s nap Ryan and I […]

Fit World….

Happy Saturday To Ya! I hope that everyone is having a spectacular weekend thus far. I would just like to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone who reached out to GGH after […]

Oh Geek Squad…..

Well Hello World! I apologize 1,000 times for totally being MIA all day! I dropped my lap top off at Geek Squad to have it cleaned up and it took about 4 hours longer than it […]


Hello GGH World! Today was such a great day! The sun was shining all day, my mom-in-law bought me some rockin’ pants to work out in from Cape Cod, Zachary and I hit up the […]


Evening Friends! I’m not going to post anything new because I really feel like there is someone out there who needs the message from this morning’s post. Sometimes you don’t realize that what you’re looking […]

Taco Night!

Good Evening Friends! First let me say WOW on already being over 1,000 hits! And we’ve only had the counter up a week, and we’ve been up and running for more than that!!! Thank you […]


OK, so I have received and found some really YUM-O recipes that I want to share with all of you! Some of these will definetly need to be modified to suit whatever “diet” or lifestyle you […]

Celebratory Dinner!

Good Evening Friends! What another AMAZING day! I am officially a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher and an Amazing Grass Affiliate! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! 🙂 The hubby and I threw a quick date night together, with the […]

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Good Evening Friends! What a day, whew….EXHAUSTED! Ryan was back to work today which meant it was a Mom and Zac day!!! We ran all over the place from Target to Whole Foods while on […]

Friends, Party, Baseball, and SUNSHINE

Hi Friends! I trust all of you are having an enjoyable 4th of July!! I’m hoping that you’ve enjoyed the food you’ve nibbled in moderation :). So the hubby ended up with the WHOLE day […]

Groceries, Park, A husband, And 2 new teeth!

Good Evening Friends! Well what a day we had here in New England! So as I said earlier The Weather Channel predicted impending doom for all of this afternoon…..and it lasted for about 45minutes! Zachary […]

Spicy Chicken Wraps

Evening! The sun finally came out around 5:30pm today!!! It was so funny people were squinting and glaring at it in anger. I guess we have become used to the gloom, so sad. Anyhow, Zachary […]

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