Let’s Chat

Evening friends! So we have been rockin Fabulous Fall for over a week now and you guys are doing so awesome! I just want to take a quick minute to go over a couple of things that I have received emails on. 1) Logging your progress is for you. You should have a nice journal

Who’s HUNGRY?!

Today was soooooooo Fall! I love it! Speaking of Fall, today was Day 4 of Fabulous Fall and we have even more Pledges!!! We are now up to a a crazy number of pounds Pledged to be shed.....I can't even wrap my head around it....750 pounds!!!! Yes, 750 pounds! That's like losing....2 Shaquille O'Neal's and


I am so happy to write this post!!! That's my happy face ;). We have 20 lovely ladies signed up for Fabulous Fall 2010! Between those 20 ladies 175 pounds have been pledged....TO LOSE!!!! That's awesome!!! And if we make this year's Challenge as successful as last year we can DOUBLE that loss number! Can

Should Be Packing!

Happy Saturday Friends!!!! I should definitely be packing for NYC and my audition but I was so excited to be able to use my lap top again.....I thought a quick post would be way better! I missed seeing my GGH dashboard!! This week has been such a whirl wind of excitement. I've been running around

Hope You’re Hungry!

Hello! I know I haven't blogged in days, and my excuses aren't even that great and they are totally selfish. So we'll just skip all of that and we can be glad that we are all here together now ;). Are you ready for some yummy food?!!!! I hope so! Grab your foodie notebook, snazzy

Wonderful Weekend!

Good Afternoon! I wanted to post last night, but I ended up hitting the gym for a nice little sweat fest. BUT I'm here now and I have LOT'S to share with you guys! So let's go! If you Follow me on Twitter then you know that on Saturday night I surprised my hubby with

Love Affair

Good WEEKEND to you friends!!! I'd like to start out with a confession. As many of you know I have never been shy about stating my vile hatred for the elliptical machine. I find it boring and it makes my hips hurt...yea you like that excuse? Even GGH makes excuses sometimes LOL. ANYWAY, for the past week and

Baja Anyone?

Sorry I have been absent this week, but I have been keeping my Achieve in August promise by being SUPER ACTIVE! We have done family bike ride every night this week, I did Zumba Wednesday night, ran 3's this morning (I'll explain in a minute), and even went back to the gym tonight for 30 minutes

Wrap It Up

Greetings! ** Honesty Moment** If you Follow me on Twitter then you know I was making lemon blueberry cookies last night to bring to Zac's school this morning. Let's just say I wont be sharing that recipe quite yet....major baking fail. But I did manage to score with dinner! Spicy Chicken and Black Bean Wraps: You'll

Tacos and Meatballs

Happy Monday! I'm hoping that you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Our weekend was busy, but really nice. I hit the beach with Zac, we attended the St Mary's Feast and enjoyed drinks and laughs with friends. I was also busy in the kitchen!!! Yay for 2 new recipes that are sure to bring

I’m Not Done…..

I'm not done with my journey by any means, BUT I am not HER anymore! Left: My Honeymoon 2007   Right: 2 Weeks ago on my way to the gym Left: 2008 at my absolute heaviest, 265 pounds    Right: 3 weeks ago on Zoo Nite! 100+pounds gone As you've seen in my last few posts I

Who Missed Me?

Happy Friday! And a big Hello! I want to apologize for being MIA but I have been really taking some time with Zachary. We are increasing his services/therapies/days at school and he is progressing tremendously! I've also been taking some time for ME! That's not something I do to often and usually when I do

Inside Out

This post shall be short and sweet! Because it's....... Yea baby!!!! Just wanted to share this DELISH salad that's quick, easy, and 25 grams of FIBER! GGH Inside Out Taco Salad: -1 bag MSF beef crumbles -1 1/2 cups chopped onion -2 cups mixed greens -1 avocado sliced (not pictured above sorry) -1 package Taco

Full Plate

Happy Monday! What a weekend! Well mostly what a Sunday LOL! If you Follow me on Twitter then you already know that I'm a Celtics fan and that I couldn't be more excited for our win last night!!!! And while we are on the subject of the Boston Celtics......I would just like to clear a

Some Like It Hot

9 times out of 10 when you hear the word Buffalo you think wings. Well at least you do if your in my house LOL. The hubby LOVES Buffalo chicken, like LOVES it. His second favorite food would be my Tacos. As we discussed this last night while enjoying drinks with my gal pal Martha

Cooking 101

I have spent some MAJOR time in the kitchen this week. While I'm still on my Vegan adventure until next Wednesday, I have made some yummy dishes for the hubby. (Non Vegan dishes of course) In addition to some yummy recipes I'm also so happy to share another contact with all of you in regards

Lasagna and Chocolate

Hey Hey! It's Tuesday! Allright I have so much to share with you all tonight! From recipes to new products! I'm super excited so let's dig in! We'll start with food, because who doesn't love food! Today is Day 9 of my Vegan Adventure and I'm still holding strong! Check out these 2 new recipes!! Vegan

Back In The Saddle, sort of

Hey there long time no type! Long story short....I have been MIA due to a horrible stomach virus. It came out of nowhere and completely took me out! There's been no gym and really no eating until today, so my week has been pretty boring! So fast forward to today! When I woke up this

“Healthy” Comfort Food

Hey there! Let's just dive in! As you may know I'm originally from Texas! When you think Texas you think FOOD, good food, fried food, food guaranteed to clog your arteries LOL. I grew up eating the most wonderful BBQ, Tex Mex Mexican food, and of course the Mother of all wonders in the South,


Happy Monday! I was so pleased to see that phrase ALL day today. Monday doesn't have to be blah if you don't want it to be! Yea for everyone catching on!! Today was a busy day, but a fun day! My morning started by running that deadly interval at the gym with Angela....you know the