Gluten Free Tacos?!

Happy Sunday!! Oh and if you're tuning from the USA Happy 1st FOOTBALL Sunday!!! I don't know about you but this is an exciting Sunday in our house! And exciting Sunday's usually mean beer and some good comfort food.....but if you read my last post: What the HECK is Gluten? Then you know My beer


As hard as it is to believe Rhode Island does get hot.... Today Jun 21 93°F Sunny Chance of rain: 0%   and as much as I have really started enjoying my morning runs this is not outdoor running weather. So I started to browse around for some new "indoor" work out routines and found this nice little

Summer Veggie Pasta

I guess you could say I'm lucky to be one of the few who only crave pasta sometimes. I know people who could eat pasta all day everyday and never tire of it.....these are also the same people who think that I'm crazy because I could do the same with cake. MMMMMM Cake.... Ok sorry...anyway

Chicken,Salsa, and Sangria

Last night's dinner was one of those spur of the moment, clean out the fridge, I have no idea what I want, type of meals that turned into the BEST dinner EVER and all for 270 calories! I know it's supposed to be "Wordless Wednesday" in blog land but if you know me "wordless" isn't


Summer is here is New England and I couldn't be more excited! This weather has me feeling so alive and ready to get back on track. From morning runs, to afternoon walks with the family, fires in the fire pit and yummy cool drinks GGH is back and in full swing. I think Summer is

I Like To Eat

It's no secret here or in my "real" life that I enjoy eating. I love to cook, bake, I love to drool over food on Pinterest, I fold laundry while watching Food Network, and my husband has even included the term "foodie" in his vocabulary when describing me (which by the way I LOVE). What

Don’t Slack

With temperatures slowly starting to cool and coffee shops like Starbucks tempting us with their Pumpkin Lattes and Coffees, Fall is just around the corner. Fall doesn't just bring beautiful colors, cooler temps, and yummy savory foods it can also bring LAZINESS!!! Yes being lazy is so easy in the Fall. Think about it, it's

Happy Feet

A couple of weeks ago the awesome health enthusiast over at sent me a pair of their insoles. I have to admit I was a little afraid since wearing the Sketchers Tone Up shoes gave me severe hip problems. Like so severe that I couldn't walk, and all because of a pair of shoes.

Texas in Rhode Island

It's no secret that I lived my first 20 years of life in the great state of Texas!!! From the prairie to the mountains to the amazing beaches that Galveston and South Padre Island have to offer, Texas is the greatest place on Earth, well next to NYC/Manhattan LOL. But Texas isnt just home to

Prep Week Day 1

Yesterday was my Day 1 of the prep week for Hannah Marcotti's Spring Cleanse. I started off the day by reading the guide for the cleanse as well as browsing the beautiful and tasty recipes she suggested. One recipe that looked particularly easy and delicious to me was her Witches Brew Green Smoothie! If you're an

Mother’s Day Falafel

Happy Mother's Day to all of my GGH momma's! I hope each of you enjoys this special day and remember that it's OK to indulge and take a break form the gym or your work out regimen-it'll be there tomorrow. The hubby is working all day today so we had a little Mother's Day celebration

It’s Not A Diet

As I continue to meet people and share my weight loss story I hear the same question every single time...."what diet did you use?" That's just it I didn't use any diet, and that's because diets don't work....LIFE STYLE CHANGE is what works. I've done Weight Watchers, South beach, Atkins, Cabbage Soup, Apple Cider


The other night I was really craving Mexican food.....ok what's new I'm always craving Mexican food LOL. Thank goodness I married someone who loves it as much as I do or I wouldn't be allowed in the kitchen ;). I was tired of the same ol taco burrito song and dance and came up with

Quick & Easy

If you Follow me on Twitter then you know I've been cooking up some new yummy dinner dishes! I thought I'd bring that yummy here so that my non-Twitter friends could share in the fun! Buffalo Turkey Whole Wheat Pita Pizza 1 lb ground turkey 2 tablespoons Frank's Hot Sauce 4 Whole wheat pitas Bleu

New Clothes

As anyone who is on a weight loss journey knows clothes can be your worst enemy. Whether you're down 2 sizes or 12 some where along the way you have to purge your closet and purchase clothes that actually fit. For some this may not seem like a big deal, maybe even fun to go

Holiday Drinking

Ah the weekend.....sleeping in maybe a little brunch....maybe a trip to the market some light cleaning....lounging in your PJ's till noon...... Yea right! I don't live in that world LOL. In my world this is the last FREE weekend until after the New Year! With Thanksgiving this Thursday immediately followed by the biggest shopping weekend


A big fat HELLO!!! So sorry I have been MIA for so long but I was really feeling a little GGH writer's block. I've been doing GGH for a year and half now and for the first time last week I sat in front of my laptop with absolutely nothing to say. I didn't even

Quick & Easy Chicken

Afternoon!!! Thought I'd pop in and share two new yummy chicken recipes! These are perfect for lunch or dinner and super fast! Chicken Fajita Pita -4 skinless boneless chicken breasts sliced into strips -1 packet of Fajita seasoning -1 cup of water -1/2 white onion sliced thin -2 small tomatoes diced -Cooking spray -Whole wheat

Weekend Eats

Happy Saturday! Our Fabulous Fall Challenge is bumping along. Can't even believe we are in our second month! Don't forget that on October 6th we will re-do our BMI, re-take measurements and for some of set new goals as some Challengers have already met their first goal!! If you haven't signed up there's still time!

Wake Up Call

WARNING!!! Tonight's post may be upsetting to some, but to others it may be exactly what you need to hear! Enjoy.-T As I was running yesterday morning attempting to clear my head of all my troubles I was immediately struck with this voice coming through my ear buds telling me to get over it. It stopped