Work It

For many of you reading, tonight marks the end of a very nice Holiday vacation. For the rest of us it's another week....but on the bright side the market and the malls won't be nearly as crowded with everyone back at work :). (Sorry friends!) My weekend was really nice and fairly busy. Saturday was the best

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year! I hope each of you had a wonderful and safe night. May 2010 bring you health, wealth, and happiness! Thank you to each of you for making Girl Gone Healthy a success in 2009, and I can't wait to begin 2010 with all of you. CHEERS! We had a really nice, quiet


If  you are an avid GGH reader then you know how I started my day out! It's Tuesday, so any guesses?!!!! ZUMBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My obsession! Awesome class today, as usual, and we had some newbies! I'm loving that we are dancing for the entire class now too! Bernie if you're reading.....LOVING IT!!! After Zumba I was

Pledge 20

Happy Monday! I am sooooo excited about Pledge 20! I haven't been this pumped about something in a very long time. This is going to be incredible, I can just feel it. So many of you have already emailed, commented, or Tweeted your Pledges for 20 pounds and some of you have even Pledged MORE! It's


Christmas has come and gone, now let's get down to business! New Year's is just around the corner and I'm willing to bet all of my Christmas gifts, which are awesome, that 99% of you are going to make a weight loss resolution. I'm here to tell you that it's not gonna work! Don't worry,

Healthy Christmas

Tonight's post is going to be all about me..... I know you're probably thinking that every post is about me, but today is actually a very special day for me. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of when I decided that enough was enough and my life was going to change. For any new readers

Cookies & Blogger Awards

It's been a few's been a busy few days! How is everyone? I hope that you had a wonderful Wednesday and Thursday! This week has been sooooo busy. It started on Wednesday with lots of shopping for our 1st Annual Cookie Swap/Girls Nite In! As one of the co-hosts I felt it very necessary

Zumba and DIET Chocolate Cake

If you are an avid Girl Gone Healthy reader then you know that Tuesday is my fave "work out" day of the week! Because...... Tuesday=ZUMBA!!! As usual Bernie was incredible and indulged me with my fave routine, Down! If you have a Zumba class available in your area I highly suggest you take it. Don't


SUNDAY!!!! Ah means so many different things to everyone. Relaxation, family time, worship, football, work.....whatever Sunday is for you I hope it was wonderful! My Sunday was pretty nice. I started out by scrubbing the house and downing Christmas blend coffee from Starbucks with a dash of Egg Nog flavored creamer!!! YUM-O! The hubby

Family Fun Day!

Happy Saturday! Today was my favorite kind of day. No set plans, all housework/laundry done and the entire day ahead. For someone who is such a planner, overly organized, and a tad bit obsessive compulsive about getting things done......I need a day like today. My day wasn't micro managed it was just filled with fun,

Kitchen Sink…

It's Friday Night and I Feel Allright.....did I date myself LOL! Are you all singing now? 😉 Anyhow..... Today was a stay at home or go outside and freeze your pah-tu-kiss off kind of day. I really did get tons of house work done though, so I'm happy about that. All the beds were striped,