Morning miles, 2 English papers, and it’s HOT!

Good Afternoon Friends! Sorry I have been MIA, but the hubby actually got up and came to the park with us for miles this morning! He usually takes that time to have the whole bed to himself but he got right up and jumped into our morning routine. We did 1.20 miles, 4 laps, and

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Good Evening Friends! What a day, whew....EXHAUSTED! Ryan was back to work today which meant it was a Mom and Zac day!!! We ran all over the place from Target to Whole Foods while on the phone with my Dad, and we even put in 2 miles at the track while I chatted away with

Gorgeous Morning

Good Morning Friends! So after all of yesterday's amazing activities, and good eats, we were one tired family. I had to go wake Zachary up this morning at 8:45am! He was zonked! Ryan and I did get to see some fireworks from the front yard, they weren't fancy but they were fireworks. It is absolutely

Friends, Party, Baseball, and SUNSHINE

Hi Friends! I trust all of you are having an enjoyable 4th of July!! I'm hoping that you've enjoyed the food you've nibbled in moderation :). So the hubby ended up with the WHOLE day off!!! I was so excited because that meant we were able to go down to North Kingstown for the Winpenny

Red, White, and Banana Pancakes

Happy Independence Day Friends! I would first like to take a moment to THANK all of the men and women who are away from their families fighting to keep our INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM! May you all have a little time today to kick back and enjoy some fun in the HOT Iraq sun. This morning

Groceries, Park, A husband, And 2 new teeth!

Good Evening Friends! Well what a day we had here in New England! So as I said earlier The Weather Channel predicted impending doom for all of this afternoon.....and it lasted for about 45minutes! Zachary was so happy to be able to play at the park tonight, as was mommy because he will sleep so

Busy Little Bee’s

Good Morning! It seems that I am not the only one CRAVING some serious summer activity here in New England. The sun is out, for now, and our neighborhood is alive!!! People are mowing, gardening, running, kids are out on their bikes no more is it a ghost town. However, I fear with the clouds moving this way

Spicy Chicken Wraps

Evening! The sun finally came out around 5:30pm today!!! It was so funny people were squinting and glaring at it in anger. I guess we have become used to the gloom, so sad. Anyhow, Zachary and I hit up Trader Joe's to re-stock the must have Chicken Patties and avocados. I love it in there!!

I wish I was British, LOL

Afternoon Loves! LOL, I'm listening to Zachary giggle awaye watching Charlie & Lola. Cutest kid's show ever on Disney Channel, and they are British. So I know earlier I said I was going to bike for the AM workout, yea I wasn't feeling the bike today. So as I went down to the dungeon, A.K.A

Oh What A Night…..

Good Morning! Sorry about leaving you hanging last night friends! We didn't get home until after 11:30 and I was super tired. I love date night, but Zachary definitely doesn't let mommy sleep in the morning after date night. Anyhow, we went for a bite to eat at Texas Roadhouse which is in the same

Brand New Do!

Good Afternoon Friends! What a morning! It poured and poured and poured, and lightning was striking super close and the thunder was rattling everything.....and of course it did it on the day I finally make a hair appointment LOL. Anyway, I LOVE my haircut!!! It's not to different but it's so much lighter and has tons

Fruity Meal, Haircut, Shopping, & Date Night

Good Morning Friends! I hope the weather where you are is super summer so much. It's overcast and cool out. I guess I should be happy that it's not sweltering like in my home state of Texas, but a little sun would be nice.         Today's activity line up is SUPER AWESOME!

Walnut Roma Chicken Spinach Salad…..MMMMMMMM

Good Evening! Sometimes spontaneously going shopping for dinner turns out to make the best dinner EVER! After a good 2 mile jaunt at the park Zachary and I popped over to Whole Food's to shop around. I came up with Roma tomatoes, Morning Star Farms Chicken strips, walnuts, and this AMAZING Lemon and Chive dressing.

Zone Perfect Bar,yard work, and some shoe shopping

Afternoon! Since we have started our Healthy Mission the hubby, Ryan, has become quite the outdoorsmen. He is obssessed with our yard and his always watering it and mowing it. Sooooo funny!! I was excited to see that the Wildflower seeds I had thrown down 7 months ago were FINALLY showing blooms. It was nice

Morning Miles Are The BEST!

Good Morning Friends! I love being able to get in a good few miles first thing. I think Mr.Zachary likes getting the miles in as well :). We hit the park a little later than we usually do, but we saw some fellow walkers that we hadn't seen in a while! It's always nice to


Hello Friends! I am super content right now! I had a great run, while I only did a mile I ran like my hiney was on fire :). We hit up Trader Joe's to re-stock goodies, and those of you who have been following me for a while know what I had for dinner now!!!!

It feels good….

Good Evening Friends! It feels sooooo good to be back up and running. I hope that this new format will benefit everyone in every way, shape, and form. Please be on the look out tonight for new recipes the GGH kitchen has been working on. I have been in a "sweet treat" mood this week

Under Construction!!!

Welcome to the all new Girl Gone Healthy! We hope to be completely back up and running ASAP! What a scare only having been online for 48 hours and having to shut down our original site. But we at GGH are all about our reader's and some of our reader's were having some SERIOUS viewing