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Pizza and Pasta TOGETHER

I think I’m about to blow your mind….. No seriously. What if I told you you could have pizza AND pasta at the same time? You’re probably thinking “Yea ok Tera because that’s really weight loss friendly….pssh” Well doubt me no more because I have made it possible!! Get a pen and paper because thisĀ 6 ingredient recipe can be made… Read more →

mexican casserole


As Girl Gone Healthy I have often assumed the role of “Cheerleader”. In fact I often tell people that if they need a cheerleader I’d be happy to oblige, I love it. But it’s not often that someone in my PERSONAL life asks me to be their cheerleader, but I couldn’t be happier that this wonderful lady has done just… Read more →

Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup | Recipe

It’s getting a little chilly here in New England! The leaves are turning and falling, the scent of fires burning happily in fireplaces or in outdoor fire pits fills the evening air…..it’s FALL Y’ALL!! And that means crock pots, chili, soups and stews….NOM. I thought I’d kick off the season of comfort food with a spicy little number, Tortilla Soup.… Read more →


Nature’s Bakery | Review

Growing up one of my favorite snacks was a Fig Newton, and the commercials were great…. “A cookie is a cookie, but Newton’s are fruited cake!” Yea you just got nostalgic….. but snap out of it Fig Newtons aren’t exactly the best “snack” when it comes to healthy eating or trying to lose weight. But everyone does love a little… Read more →

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